1-on-1 Video Networking Platform for Your Community

A community tool to allow networking between members.

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Selling licenses of a SaaS for running 1-on-1 video networking, mentoring, and more for your community. 


First community startup featured on AppSumo Marketplace

The project was originally a video-call-based community of founders, where we match founders in 1-on-1 video calls for networking, advice, and feedback. Peak revenue was 5K USD and then we turned it into a SaaS that we sell to other communities.

It was the first community-based startup featured on AppSumo, see https://appsumo.com/products/marketplace-growthclub/ . 5/5 stars rating from 25 reviews.


Why I am selling it license-based rather than subscription-based

I burned out and have no more motivation to pursue this business. My passion lies in EdTech, as I had a hard time in school. I am now building a business in the K12 space and advising a founder who is building a founder community centred around health tech.


How you can use it

Common use-case potential buyers consider is:

 - networking
 - mentoring 
 - support communities

 in industries like:
 - entrepreneurship (e.g. a founder community/networking)
 - HR tech (e.g. in-compony networking)
 - health  (e.g. emotional support/therapy)
 - employment (e.g. networking)
 - art  (e.g. art community)
 - technology (e.g. mentoring for IT proffesionals)


Revenue you can expect

- We were charging a monthly subscription priced at 25-50 USD / month
- LTV  300-500 USD



- Profiles, registration, members directory
- Weekly check-ins, calendly integration
- 1-1 Matching by swipe style matching & by profile similarities
- Follow-up meetings, group meetings
- Attendance & engagement control GrowthRank
- Meeting invites, SMS/email reminder
- Basic payments/memberships with Stripe
- Web-based video-call software with analytics/recordings, Customizable sidebar/meeting agenda


About me

I am a Finnish / Russian, started earning money as a software engineer when I was 17 y.o. Now 11 years later I am a digital nomad (currently in Mexico!) and for the past 2 years, I have been full-time building startups, funded by private investors and government funds. My interests are in EdTech, Community, and B2B Communication tools.



Additional Custom Development

 - Mentoring platform
 - Speed networking
 - Re-branding
 - Deployment to AWS / your infrastructure
 - Happy to mentor/consult you on the business side as well


Tech Stack

 - MongoDB
 - Node.js (Meteor.js)
 - React.js
 - Material UI
 - Stripe API, Google Calendar API, Twilio SMS API, Sendgrid API, Daily.co API



Here is a breakdown of costs to run this business for 50 community members in the US that would do weekly meetings with each other for 60 minutes.

A) Usage-dependent costs, based on 50 community members:
- 48 USD / month for video-call minutes, assuming everybody does 1h video calls. It is $0.004/min
- 3 USD / month for SMS reminders. 0.0075 / SMS for US numbers.

B) Other monthly costs that do not increase much if you get 100 or 1000 or more members:
- Video-call API - 9 USD
- MongoDB - 8 USD
- Meteor hosting (like AWS) - 90 USD
- Sendgrid - 40 USD

Total costs for 50 community members:
- 200 USD / month if you start with a community of 50 people. If you are a startup you can reduce this to 62 USD / month if you signup for startup programme


User acquisition for your community

Here are the acquisition tactics we used, so you can have an idea of what it would take to run for your community. 
1) Apr 2020 - Oct 2020: First customers via ProductHunt then LinkedIn automation, blog, Twitter ads
2) October 2020 - Jul 2021: AppSumo promotion, LinkedIn automation, blog, events

We run a few paid ads experiments on Twitter, we were able to achieve a cost of acquisition of 300 USD. Using open roundtables with the members & directing paid traffic there should more effective.



  •  - 1 min video  on Loom
  • - 15-min live demo  - Schedule here. I also offer free 1-hour business consultation worth 200 USD, for your community/mentoring/networking business
  • - Personal test accounts are available after NDA is signed



Acquisition process

1) 15-min chat to get to know each other

2) We sign NDA digitally via DocuSign

3) You receive a personal demo account

4) 1h in-depth technical demo via call on our platform. Optional 1-hour of business consulting.

5) We do the transaction using escrow for safety

6) 2 months free of post-sales support where I configure/launch the software on your personal server. Light customization is possible.

7) Additionally you can purchase more post-sales support of up to 6 months from me. I am open to being an advisor on a longer-term if I see synergy and like your mission


API, Business, Career, Education, Healthtech, HR Tech, Other

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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