Chrome Extension to Download & Edit All Images

Download single images or download all images in form of a .zip archive. Pay to edit in browser.

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I am looking to sell my chrome browser extension that downloads and edits images. As the name suggests, the extension allows users to sell all images on the current browser page, download single images, or download all images in form of a .zip archive.

Users also have the option to upgrade to a pro plan which allows them to edit images directly in the browser.

The extension currently ranks 4th for the search term “download all images” in the chrome webstore and attracts ~ 20-30 new installs per day. It is fully automated and currently doesn't require maintenance.

Google currently reports 1,114 users.

If you have any questions pls let me know. Thanks!

How can the buyer take this project further?

Revenue generated is currently very low with only ~ USD 2 per month. However, someone who's more experiences may be able to monetize the current user base better. Possibly via better / more appealing pro content, better prompts to upgrade, better pricing plans, etc. Unfortunately that's outside of my area of expertise.

If you have any questions pls let me know. Thanks!

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