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A crypto ecosystem that integrates web-based applications in a single platform.

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A one-stop crypto ecosystem that integrates web-based applications in a single platform to help anyone benefit from the functionality and global reach of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. For the several types of users involved in the crypto world, there is information and services that would demystify the concept of virtual currencies and increase their adoption by all.

The project is a new global crypto ecosystem that seeks to make digital currencies accessible worldwide while simultaneously providing a more convenient method of transferring fiat and cryptocurrencies via the internet. It aims to bridge this gap through its advanced tools that make it possible for everyone to trade, pay, communicate, and transact using cryptocurrencies.

The project will connect blockchain assets to current payment gateways while providing users with access to an integrated wallet containing ample functionality in order to create an ecosystem that solves the inefficiencies of traditional banking systems. In doing so, it could be an industry leader in facilitating crypto or fiat transactions for businesses or individuals.


What makes it different


  • It is the first platform around cryptocurrency world where you'll have multiple tools for your all needs- payment, trading, financial management, shopping and so one. 
  • It ensures Central authentication for all CRYPTO projects/tools. No need to log in every platform
  • Here the robust blockchain technology ensures customers' security and high-speed scalability to make payment
  • It has a special protocols that make it easy to transact and secure/safe for all users
  • Every tool/platform works in realtime and it's a single page application



Technical Overview


CRYPTO system is designed from the ground up to both utilise and work on top of a proprietary Blockchain that is built on principles borrowed from existing blockchain solutions. Our system also utilises the blockchain in order for transaction ledgers and other components to remain recorded and immutable within the blockchain whereas specific code resides outside of it. Such structure will permit CRYPTO users and merchants and their generated data to be easily put through data segmentation and analysis which will further on de-facto indicate metrics such as useful business health indicators.

To implement a provably fair distribution model, it expands on the existing blockchain to build its own blockchain with ample functionality and improved security. It will be blockchain agnostic and integrate multiple cryptocurrencies. We recognize that cryptocurrency adoption must utilize multiple blockchains in order to take off. For this reason, it is using financial instruments that will offer stability. We recognized the need for Interoperability and will use inter-blockchain exchanges to transfer between multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies


Referral Program


Crypto Space will have a referral program that allows users to register and through every investment made by their referrals receive CRYPTO Coins. This increases awareness of Crypto Space exponentially, therefore assisting the Crypto Space brand to be more successful.



Application Demo Sites


You can check our demo applications using the following credentials -

Crypto Space :

Trade Crypto :

Pay Crypto :

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Password: letmein

P.S: You don't need to log in to all applications if you log in to one application you can use others too and navigate from there.

Tools & Technologies

Javascript, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, React



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