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An IPTV business with 15000+ channels. Stream TV anywhere.

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Listing Details

It is full and complete A-Z IPTV business including but not limited to following :

1- Main website domain and hosting 

2- Main IPTV Server and admin panel 

3- 15 Dedicated servers 

4- 25 referral websites for SEO

5- 200K recurring subscribers

6- 900 resellers and super resellers

7- 220k email list with higher response rate on MailChimp

8- Monthly sales 300k USD

9- Monthly profit 150k + USD

10- WEBSITE Code

11- Marketing materials


  • how long has the business been running?

it is running officially from 15/10/2019

  • what is the ltv?

iptv is the service like netflix but it is different in term of contents , my clients could have in this package of subscription 17000 live tv channels and more than 350,000 movies and series in many languages but iptv service is never licensed 

  • how are the super sellers and resellers managed?

their is management panel for admin employees and owner where you can control all your clients and resellers and super resellers 

also we do trainings for them in weekly bases on zoom live meeting as well as one membership website called kemoacademy which have all past trainings videos which they have lifetime access to it. 

on the top of that we have telegram group chat for all resellers and we appointed admin for that group and they are allowed to chat with admin and each other all their ideas and also they help each other.   this is invitation link for this private group so you could take and idea :  https://t.me/joinchat/vuoz5_se44rrlwvy

  • are the employees in the us or elsewhere?

i have many employees all working remotely from different countries 

– 1 in uruguay

– 1 in usa

– 5 in philippines

– 4 in middle east

– 5 in malaysia

– 1 in sweden

– 2 in morocco 

  • could you clarify what the employee target achievement is for?

all employees target achievement is monthly revenue with a clear way of monthly improvement 

so this month target is 300,000 usd sales, if they achieve it they get the bonus which 500 usd for each of them and if they don't achieve it they get the basic salary which is varies based on experience but average is 600 usd monthly, also if target is not achieved then we repeat the target for the next month till we achieve it and , and when we achieve target next month target is + %10 of the sales revenue of last month target.

  • what are the employee's roles? e.g. are there marketers and developers etc?

1-- one finance manager

2-- one general manager

3-- one customer service and support manager

4-- 9 employees as support executives working on shifts to cover 24/7 customer service ( activate orders, reply tickets, reply emails )

5-- 3 server and management panel admins 

6-- 2 marketing & contents + designing

7-- one it manager

8-- one telegram group admin & client trainer

  • how is the content sourced and managed?

contents sources from very good service providers as raw materials ( contents ) and our panel admins organize and manage  on the server side with help of it manager and monitored all the time by the general manager and planned by him as well for coming months contents. 


but to be very clear:

the team will not be given along with the business to the buyer, but we committed to do a complete training to the new owner how to manage this business from a-z. also we can keep the team to the run the business for the first month to the new buyer to make sure all your new employees are trained properly.

it is preferred to get this business managed by it expert from your side as that will help you to not have any major issues in the short or long term.

also i can keep being your business consultant for first 3 months 


this business monthly average cost is 100,000 usd -  120,000 usd

monthly average net profit is :  between minimum 120,000 usd  to higher time we got 172,000 usd

my minimum selling price is 1,000,000 usd 




How can the buyer take this project further?

Current monthly revenue is 300k and could grow to 1 mil by time  

Tools & Technologies

CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Wordpress

Skills Required

Marketing, Customer Service, Sales


Business, Entertainment, eSports, Other

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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