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Research and discover the best affiliate programs in a database of 1000+ programs.

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Save hundreds of hours of research and discover the best affiliate programs for 2023 and beyond.

What you get?

  • Direct access to a database collection of 1000+ affiliate programs
  • Filter Data points: Name of program, Website, Affiliate Registration Link, Commission Structure, Revenue Duration, One time or Recurring commission, Email, Tags
  • Reach out to view a demo. 

Why Join The Aurelon Affiliate Database

After being in the affiliate marketing space for over 10 years, we came to the alarming discovery that searching for relevant affiliate programs is an extremely time consuming process. In the world of making money online, we can all agree that our most precious asset is TIME. So it's imperative that we save as much of it.

That's why we created the Aurelon Affiliate Database. You'll gain access to the top affiliate programs of 2023 and beyond which can all be easily filtered or sorted using airtable technology that closely matches the content your audience loves.

This will save you HUNDREDS of hours of research spent finding the perfect product to promote and it will help you to earn (much) more.

You'll have no problem finding plenty of affiliate programs to help you reach your revenue goals. Many programs will even pay you up to 80% in recurring commissions. 🤯

Actually, there's no need to waste any more time on searching for affiliate programs. We have gathered the best ones for you, all for a super affordable price.

The Database is perfect for:

  • Website owners, bloggers, SaaS companies and startups who do affiliate marketing.
  • Content creators and influencers who review and talk about products and want to earn some extra cash.
  • Freelancers and agencies who recommend products for their clients.

All the data in the database is manually researched, reviewed and consistently updated progressively over time.


How can the buyer take this project further?

This is a simple, easy to sale turn-key business that caters to the affiliate marketing community. This is a huge online community to tap into. For the longest time, affiliate marketers have struggled to find relevant affiliate programs to promote based on commission. Not only that, but it's extremely time consuming conducting such research. With the Aurelon affiliates database, hundreds of hours have been invested in creating a database of 1000+ affiliate programs in a single, centralized location. 

The landing page was built with CAARD connected to a custom domain, and the digital database is stored in Airtable and sold via Gumroad. As the new owner, you are free to change the price to whatever you like. 

Skills Required

Marketing, Strategy, SEO



Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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