AI-Powered Stock Market Alert SaaS

AI-Powered Stock Market Real-Time Alert SaaS.

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AI Powered Stock Market Alert SaaS Business

A unique software platform that provides real-time trade alerts that tell you exactly which stocks to buy, when to buy, and when to sell, all powered by custom-built artificial intelligence. It is a stock picks service, but powered by AI instead of humans. 

The AI system scans a predefined list of stocks daily during regular stock market hours to identify profitable trade setups using custom probability models, historical stock price data and our proprietary AI algorithms.

The system automatically sends customers real-time BUY and SELL notifications when high-probability trade setups are identified. Customers can execute the trades manually using the brokerage of their choice or automatic trading with an active Tradier brokerage account. Trade alerts are sent in real-time via email and SMS text message notifications. The BUY alerts include the stock symbol, entry price and timestamp. The SELL alerts include the stock symbol, exit price and the % gains/losses. 

With over 100,000,000 active retail trading accounts (across the top brokerages like Schwab, ETrade, Robinhood, etc.), capturing less than 1% of the total addressable market speaks to the earning potential for this business. The current price charged to customers is $29 per month, although the pricing could be raised to $49 - $99 over time as more performance history is established. 

The competing products on the market would be services like Motley Fool or CNBC Investing Club, but human traders power those services. 

While 2022 has been a challenging year to trade around (even for humans), we continue to optimize the AI system to generate more consistent gains. For example, we recently added inverse ETF stocks to the internal system, which are stocks that go UP in price when the rest of the stock market is selling off - this allows us to profit in both directions, even when the overall stock market is printing a bearish downtrend. The monthly net performance continues to improve over time, and the current record is ten consecutive trades in a row with zero losses. Most humans can't make 10 trades in a row without losses, which speaks to the value that the system provides to customers. 

Additionally, the system was built around short-term trades (all trades are closed within 7 days or less). However, the new owner could easily add another pricing plan to target customers who prefer long-term trades (trades held for 30+ days). 

Numerous immediate growth opportunities can be implemented, and I can provide a complete company prospectus upon request.

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There are numerous immediate growth opportunities that can be implemented moving forward and I can provide a full company prospectus upon request.

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