AI Resume and Job Matching App

A fully automated resume-powered job search site built with no-code tools.

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A fully automated resume-powered job search site built with no-code tools.

Job seekers upload a PDF resume and provide an email address. The app uses various artificial intelligence technologies to extract numerous searchable characteristics of a resume, including skills, job functions, past employers, locations, seniority, and industry. Based on a combination of these criteria and other related factors derived from the resume, a job search is executed across 100 of the largest job boards. The most ideal matching jobs are compiled, deduped, and emailed to the user.

The project is built in a low-code environment using:

  1. $25/mo
  2. $16/mo
  3. Google Cloud Services (Natural Language Processing): 5,000 units free per month
  4. MonkeyLearn: 1,000 queries per month free
  5. CloudConvert: ~$0.03/resume
  6. JobsPikr: $129/mo

Limited coding with Regex, JSON and ElasticSearch.

The site is no longer functional due to costs.

How can the buyer take this project further?

The scoring algorithms need fine-tuning, as result quality can vary dramatically. For example, in some cases Google AI provides a better result than MonkeyLearn might.

I have not monetized this at all but did anticipate plugging into affiliate programs from the various job boards, auto-linking the job in emails to earn affiliate revenue.

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No Code, Other

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Career, ML / AI

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I don't currently have enough money to keep it going


This listing is in the process of being sold.

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