AI SaaS for Real Estate Brokerages

A platform Chatbot + Live Chat deployment and customization platform for real estate lead generation.

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AI SaaS for real estate brokerages.

We've built a platform Chatbot + Live Chat deployment and customization platform for real estate lead generation. The startup has been up and running for a year and received angel investment. Based out of Portugal, the founders want to go their separate ways, which is why the business is being sold.

Main competition are chatbot builders and Live Chat apps. For real estate, most brokerages are not savvy enough to build their own bot (and don't want to) and Live Chat just cannot handle a large number of enquiries - which makes an intelligent chatbot a necessity.

To keep the business up and running, the most effort needed is in:

a) client acquisition

b) new custom features

The current solution is already very scalable and robust. Ongoing, the task will be developing new, small features that customers ask for and selling to new customers.

We've reached 100+ clients in about a year and started working with a couple of very large, global real estate enterprises.

The software is aimed at real estate brokerages. The more effort they put into digital marketing the more they will get out of the product. Large real estate companies are a great fit.

Customer acquisition has been made mostly through email marketing, so there is a lot of upside potential with paid ads and direct sales.

We've been focusing primarily on product, so we are pre-revenue mostly because we've just spent all our time coding. Still, the business was easily able to generate € 2k revenue with little effort, so it can easily skyrocket from there.

Angel investment in the company values it at  € 750k.

How can the buyer take this project further?

There is so much upside potential here, it's crazy. The product can very well be sold to large real estate enterprises for 5 figure deals and for SMB brokerages at scale. Potential for internationalization, up-sell and cross-sell of other real estate technologies and a huge virality factor associated with the chatbot.

To top this off, we've barely scratched the surface in acquisition. A dedicated effort in sales is sure to be rewarding and kick this project up a notch. We are simply unable to do so because the founders want to part ways.

Tools & Technologies

Express, Javascript, MongoDB, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python, React, TensorFlow


Business, Machine Learning, ML / AI, Real Estate Tech

Reason for Selling

I'm not interested in running this anymore

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