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Asynchronous video meetings.

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The product is ready for monetization (currently no customers). 

I'm Oleg, and I'm a former meeting-holic and always-on chat junkie. Some time ago, I've realised that zoom fatigue is real and that half of my meetings and calls are unproductive, generate distractions and stress, and keep me and my peers from getting stuff done. 

And that was a rather trivial thought keeping in mind all the buzz around async culture. What really surprised me, is that lots of the people were feeling the same way, but when there was a need to discuss something, they were sending me an invite to a video call or just hit my cell. But honestly, I can not blame them,

- first of all, let's face it, it takes much more time and mental effort to compose structured text than to say something
- and secondly, face-to-face video, voice, or screen-sharing includes a huge amount of useful additional information such as emotions, attitude, and things that are better to be shown than explained.

We believe that all this doesn't have to be synchronous – that's why we've built this project. You can reduce the number of meetings by a lot, saving you time and energy, and making the decision process more productive. Discovery calls with clients or partners, team weekly standups, work result presentations. If it's not urgent - it can be asynchronous. 

We've tried to design meetings to be intuitive and simple to use so that after sharing the link to your collaborators you do not have to do any explaining. 

Every meeting has its own link, subject and participants, your team member, or an outside collaborator can express their opinions via voice, video, screen-sharing, and simple text. Transcriptions will be added automatically. All meetings are private so only participants or people with the link can see them and will get email notifications when a new post arrives.

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 Video communication tools is a trending topic with no distinct leader. This is a good quality product ready for monetization.



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