Auto-reply Tool for Twitter

Web-app that lets users set a message to reply to DMs automatically.

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This is a simple web-app that lets users log in via Twitter and set a message to reply to DMs automatically.

I made it for $hits and gigs when I was doing a Sober October pledge to stay off social media for a month because I wanted people who DMd me to know I was off the platform for a while.

I added a buy me a coffee link on the dashboard page and have gotten some modest donations through there over the last few months. 

I did no marketing, just shared in some social circles.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Buyer could add further automation that customizes the message based on received keyword, etc and charge some sort of one time access fee or a low recurring monthly charge. 

I just added a buy me a coffee link and have received a few donations through there.

Tools & Technologies

HTML, Python


API, Business, Mobile, Utilities

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on


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