Premium shop selling blog kits. Includes 20 domains.

Award-winning e-commerce project selling premium blog domains with the fully-developed brands.

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Listing Details

A premium e-commerce project, with a vintage-inspired design and copywriting refined over several months. It was completed in August 2020 and featured in prestigious websites such as and

The products sold are premade blog kits, for those that want to start a professional blog as additional source of income, or become full-time bloggers without committing to investing a big budget and time. In 2020 the work from home niche is more relevant than ever.

Each blog kit includes:

  1. domain
  2. logo & brand guidelines pdf
  3. unique blog theme
  4. social media templates

What the sale includes:

  1. Main site domain
  2. 19 domains for blog kits: — coffee blog (drinks, recipes) — Konmari-style or minimalism blog — pet blog for dogs or organization named Doggo World [Premium domain] — food blog celebrating world cuisines — thrifty recipes — food blog, delicious family recipes — mom blog — mom blog — stay-at-home dad blog — stay-at-home dad blog — stay-at-home mom/mum blog — stay-at-home mom/mum blog — food blog, seasonal or holiday recipes — food blog, diet recipes — food blog, delicious recipes cooked in a kitchenette — vegetarian and vegan product reviews — work-at-home dad blog — work-at-home dad blog — work-at-home mom/mum blog
  3. 19 logos (for all the blog kits domains) — the logos can be viewed at
  4. 19 brand guidelines .pdf files and getting started guide files for each kit
  5. Main website files & database
  6. Demo website files & database (includes and
  7. Social media accounts: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
  8. [Optional] Complete transfer of licenses to your Easy Digital Downloads account for the 4 Easy Digital Downloads addons used: Stripe Payment Gateway, Software Licensing, PDF Invoices, VAT for EDD



  • Highly polished professional designs
  • Work at home niche is more in demand than ever
  • Premium short 1-word domains, which include exact keywords, some 3 or 4-letter
  • account with one theme in  the process of being approved


After-sale transfer of assets

All domains are at and will be transferred instantly to the buyer's Porkbun account.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Only 2/19 blog kits are completed and listed for sale. The others have the branding part completed (logos and branding pdf files) as well as customized getting started guides.

To keep the website running, the other blog kits will have to be finished, by adding blog themes. The themes can be created based on the existing ones for example, taking minimum time.

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Blogging, Business, Design, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Shopping

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes social media accounts

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