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A blog covering renowned companies and their business models.

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1. Seller Bio

I am a management student who specialized in marketing and sale. Other skills that I have and used in the blog are copywriting, content writing, and optimizing.

2. Highlights

My website is a blog that describes different business models and strategies used by companies to grow and How one can start their own company using this model. Today's era in an entrepreneur and every person what to know about business models, companies, etc.

Strengths of my blog - It has the most demanded, unique, well-researched content.

Opportunities - One can sell their digital marketing product or different business-related courses over and software here.

3. Operations

Work on this website by creating relevant content and send paid traffic from social media and Google AdWords. Connect it with affiliate websites and companies to generate revenue.

4. Customers

Users on this website generally have the mentality to learn more and more. They want to start their own business or research about how different companies work, acquire user base, and generate revenue.

Customer profile & segmentation - Entrepreneurial & want to learn more types of mentality.

Customer retention - This is very high as users on this website read the complete posts and they want to acquire more knowledge which is provided by the website itself.

5. Financials

One can grow its revenue by connecting and collaborating with companies who have affiliate products or want to sell their courses and software online. This whole era is best suited for this website as nowadays, people want to start their own company and want to acquire more knowledge and skills.

6. Seller Notes

I have started this website a year ago and till now it has received 1500+ users without any paid plugin, theme, or promotion. now has an average of 5 users daily. Each and everything has been customized to get more traffic and increase customer retention time. It has also approved by Google Adsense. The website google page insight speed is also good. All the helpful plugins are installed and activated. It has more than 25+ unique long content in which proofreading has been done.

How it works

Managing the site on a day-to-day basis is a breeze. Everything has been set up to ensure that running the site over the long term is as easy and as efficient as possible. No experience required.

What's Included Domain name

All unique content and ideas. 

All logos, files, folders, and artwork.

Being an SEO content writer will provide service of 10+ blogs free of cost on any niche.


This is a professional and fully mobile and desktop responsive website with great clarity, pictures, images, and fonts. If you spend some funds to promote it via social media and google ads, then it has the potential to generate 10x revenue. Opportunities - Increase traffic to multiply revenue. Users on these websites are from more than 15+ countries and it ranks in almost 20+ countries on a keyword related to the post.

No need to customize the website. Every required page like a disclaimer, contact us, terms and conditions are made. The SEO score of every post on the site is good. Customer retention is very good.

Further Information

Please send me a message if you have any queries. 

Thanks & Regards 

Rishav Raj


Blogging, Educational

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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