Checkout Conversion Tool For Shopify Plus Stores

A checkout conversion tool for Shopify Plus stores.

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The only app on the Shopify app store that can accurately filter out discount codes on cart items, customer email, and existing discounts to show applicable discount codes and savings to customers at checkout. 

The app also provides a single-click discount to avoid the hassle of customers remembering the discount codes, searching for them on Google, and staying on the cart. We also nudge to add more items to unlock offers, making it a tremendous upselling tool.

It is made of Checkout UI extensions, a new technology Shopify currently enabled for Shopify Plus stores only and will soon extend to all stores. This also means the running costs of the app are meager. The algorithm to calculate savings and filter out discounts is robust and fast, making it a not-easily replicable solution.

How can the buyer take this project further?

We currently nudge to add items; one can also integrate an upsell feature. 

As Shopify checkout extensions open up across plans, the market opens up across all stores.

Ace can integrate itself on the Cart and Product pages, showing discounts. Or Ace can evolve into a checkout conversion kit that adds elements and checks to Shopify Checkout.

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Customer Service, Programming, SEO, Sales



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