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Personal finance Android app with 200,000+ downloads on the Play Store.

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📲 Personal finance Android app with 200,000+ downloads on the Play Store.

This was one of my first side projects. With over ⭐ 690 reviews on the Play Store and recurring revenue, I'm very proud to let someone else take care of it now.


🤓 How does it work

It's an Android native app made with Java and SQLite database. Everything is processed and saved locally on the user's phones, with no API or server to host/run.

In the app, users can:

  • - Count how many notes and coins they have (whether it's USD, EUR, or BRL)
  • - Save and visualize their records
  • - Protect the app with a PIN password


🌐 Web app

I've also developed a simple web app with React that replicates the basic functionality of the mobile app (counting money, in this case, BRL – Brazilian Real). It's included in the package and you can see it working here:

The domain is the only expense I have, and it's equivalent to something like ~$0.83/m on Google Domains (in Brazil).


📈 How I've been monetizing it

I've been generating recurring revenue for almost 3 years now, which demonstrates the app is relevant and there's also room to grow it even further.

The main form of monetization I've used is through AdMob's ads. It's easy to set up and receive payments. There's also a one-time in-app purchase for users to remove ads if they want to.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Feature requests

There is certainly a set of features requested by the existing user base that I haven't been able to fulfill yet due to other projects I'm focused on now. For example:

  • Being able to easily subtract coins and notes (the same way they can already be increased)
  • Add financial goals, for users to keep track of their dreams in percentage of $ saved
  • Backup of user data in a format like CSV

Tools & Technologies

Github, Java, Javascript, React, TypeScript


Android, Mobile, Other, Utilities

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on


This listing has been successfully sold.

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