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I bought this premium domain planning to do something cool with it, but am juggling 6 other projects right now and just don't have time for this one. 

I've put it up for sale on for £1500 but I'd rather it go to a fellow indiemaker so i'm offering it up here at a 60% discount for $800. is a play on words - it can either mean:

1. “count bitcoin” as in counting the Bitcoin you make as you stack it up 💰💰💰


2. “Count bitcoin” where Count is the European title of nobility - so kinda like the king of Bitcoin 👑

This means the brand name could work really well for anything in the Bitcoin niche - from a authority blog, to cryptocurrency prices / charts, to a service helping people earn bitcoin for filling in surveys, to anything related to Bitcoin mining, and so much more. 

It's a really strong brand name for anyone into crypto, snap it up at this low price before it gets sold. 

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