Cron As A Service

A SaaS platform that lets users schedule HTTP requests to their application.

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Our users often want to run code on a schedule (update stock, check rss feeds etc) but don't to set up a full linux cron system. They are often running php applications and write a php page that they need to call every day. Cron As A Service lets them schedule an HTTP request to a url of their choosing at what ever time interval they like. Additional features: Alarms - Check the response of the HTTP request, when the status code isn't as expected an email is sent to the account owner Shared crons - Multiple users can share/administer the same cron API - Full functionality is available as a REST Api as well as through the web gui

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Stripe account included. The site used to have paying customers but I have neglected it over the past year. The only cost is the cloud server (€2.96 per month).

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