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Curated resources for designers, web developers and makers.

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Awesome curated resources for developers, designers, and general web makers

Thi is a brand new project of mine, a custom build from scratch. It is a collection of links and various tools of interest to developers, designers, and web makers in general. It's a way to discover new trends and get inspired by what others are building, but most importantly to find tools for your own use that are available for free. Or at least free to try.

The app has user accounts, the ability to favourite/unfavorite your own collection, comments for logged in users, newsletter subscriptins, and a contact and submission forms. On the administration end, there is a slick screenshot taking tool with resizing cropping and so on, user and content management so adding new items to the list is a breeze. Do check it out and play around with it.

Was built with SEO in mind, and performs exceptionally well according to the below metrics.

It runs on a low spec server and handles many concurrent requests without breaking a sweat.

It will require very little work to get this going. If there are no users (like currently) you may spend a couple of hours a week or month to add new content. It only takes a minute or less for each one. Once you have some users, there's a link submission form that will take most of the grunt work off your hands. You'll either approve new links or decline, and fresh content will be flowing on its own.

In terms of monetization, I can see a few potential income streams: Promoted content, Certain links with affiliate links, and obviously ads.


Tools & Technologies

Bootstrap, Github, Javascript, Laravel, PHP


Design, Open Source, Other, Utilities

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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