Dananza is an influencer marketplace built for small businesses. With a focus on simplicity and usability, Dananza makes it easy enough for any business to get started with an influencer campaign.

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Dananza has two types of users: businesses and influencers (full capabilities explained below). Included with the site would be the existing codebase along with Figma designs for future features. The site uses React.js, Next.js, and Node.js along with a PostgreSQL database. Businesses can create an account. They are then taken to either their dashboard or to create a job. A job includes Title, Description (with templates), how they will get the product to the influencer (shipping, pickup, delivery, or none), address and time for pickup jobs, budget ranges, and then a review. In their Dashboard, they can view all their existing jobs, create a new job, or view their messages with influencers. clicking on a job takes them to the job page. The job page is split up between Applications and Hired influencers. In Applications, a business can see the price proposed by an influencer along with a detailed profile that pulls data from the Instagram Insights API. If there is a match, the business can click the Hire button and securely pay with Stripe. Influencers can sign up and connect their Instagram accounts directly. In their dashboard, they can view a live job board and all the jobs they have been hired to as well. Payments to them are facilitated through Stripe Connect.

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If interested, I have two influencers in Miami that can source both influencers and businesses as part of the company. I would recommend just changing the name of the company in order to reach the proper market.

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