Decentralized & Deflationary BEP-20 Token

NURA BEP-20 Token, based on Binance blockchain.

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NURA BEP-20 Token, Based on Binance blockchain, Massive opportunity to make huge profit with this new cryptocurrency coin, Same Like, Bitcoin, DOGE, BUSD, 1INCH, SAFEMOON...

About The Nura Globals

Nura Globals (“NURA”) is a DeFi aggregator (“NURA”) for diversified yield generation on Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). NURA aims to allow investors to feed capital into lending platforms, liquidity pools, vaults, and other DeFi products in an automated and diversified process.

As DeFi evolves, it is likely that more and more unique yield generating products will emerge, however at this juncture, two main yield generating products stand out: 1) Liquidity Pools/Farms and 2) Vaults/Lending. Acting a lot like a real-world Nura Globals fund, we call this “NURA”, capital is invested by the investor through an intermediary, in this case, Nura Globals, to efficiently automate yields generation. Essentially for a fee, Feeder provides a platform for diversification and automation, enabling easy allocation of capital into desired end-products.

Nura Globals is led by an experienced full-stack developer, a successful online marketing professional, and a finance industry veteran. The inspiration for the launch of Nura Globals really came down to a quest to find ways to automate investing in DeFi and failing. As participants of various crypto communities, the team recognizes communities’ importance for long-term success, and ultimately Nura Globals will be governed by NURA holders. The goal is to launch core products and hand the governance over.

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Very simple, to be able to diversify, speed and transaction cost is vital. More importantly, we do see BSC, at its current state, as the ecosystem for the masses, everyone should be participate in the future regardless of their starting capital. We aim to bring the level of sophistication, transparency, and professionalism that is expected on Ethereum, to BSC.

Running cost to this business: $4 / per month.

Verified Contract [NURA] by Binance Blockchain: 0xe6e4915b222797023a23ed5bb541cd23e5629dd6

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 NURA


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  • Full website source code
  • Token source code
  • Domain
  • Website support
  • WebHosting
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Official Emails
  • MetaMask Account with Credentials


1. Where can list this coin / token?

Ans:  if you want to enlist this token on their crypto exchange. Some exchanges also demand btc as fees which can differ exchange to exchange from 0.01 btc to 10 btc. or Even can list Free exchanges, like Pancakeswap, Mdex, QuickSwap, BakerySwap, etc...

2. What is Current NURA token price.?

Ans: The NURA current price is depend on exchange price, you will list and provide liquidity on, like, Pancakeswap, Mdex, etc....This can be, $0.1 or $10000+ one NURA token, Depends on NURA buying demand.

a. The supply of NURA and the market's demand for it.

b.  The exchanges it trades on.

3. How can I make money with NURA token?

Ans: Just need to do marketing, That's It.

4. How much i can make with NURA Token?

Ans: Unlimited, There is no any limit to make money with NURA token,

This token cost can be $0.1 to $1000+ / Per NURA.

5. What are the similar Tokens name?

Ans: List:

6. How to send and receive NURA Token?

Ans: With the, Binance Wallet, MetaMask, TrustWallet, and All BEP20 Token support Wallets can use easily for send and receive NURA. 

[If you want to test, We can send the 5 to 10 NURA Free in your Wallet]

7. What are the NURA BEP-20 Token benefits?

Ans: Extremely low gas fees for transactions as compared to other blockchains. NURA offers higher transaction speeds as compared to other blockchains. You can easily integrate BEP20 tokens into your DeFi project and list them for free on DEXs such as PancakeSwap.

Financial flexibility — Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, they cannot be monitored, tracked, or controlled by any financial institution such as central banks. This means you have more financial flexibility as you can use this your currency according to your business requirements .

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  • Full website source code
  • Token source code
  • Domain
  • Website support
  • WebHosting
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Official Emails
  • MetaMask Account with Credentials


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