EasyGift: Auto Add to Cart

Shopify app that allows merchants to auto-add a product to the customer's cart based on what's already in the cart. They can also discount the product.

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Product costs $7.99 / month (some users who installed earlier are still on a cheaper plan since I've been increasing the price as time goes on). 100 store installs, made $204.73 in the last 2 weeks and $323.68 in the last month. This is because it is growing pretty quickly (around 3 installs per day). The product is subscription-based so you're pretty much guaranteed to only see revenue growth. Product is rated 5/5 stars. HUGE opportunity for growth: I've done basically no marketing or promotion besides posting on the Shopify forums.

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Sometimes when a merchant installs the app, if they're using a theme that I haven't seen before the app can not function properly. I've smoothed out pretty much all of these issues but it happens from time to time. This requires figuring out the problem and editing the code to fix it, or just telling the merchant the product won't work for them.

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