Electric Bike e-Commerce Store

A starter dropshipping e-commerce store selling electric bikes.

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This business is a highly profitable dropshipping store that doesn't require you to spend too much time on. This website has had 0 marketing efforts to it yet or paid traffic. With some google ad campaigns this should start pumping out a few sales a week. Once you get your campaigns going and the SEO optimization up and running (Which I will show you), this store should bring you multiple sales per week. It is a niche store selling full suspension electric bicycles and scooters to customers in the USA. 

I have yet to run ads to this store, but have sold the same products from the same supplier with google ads in the past. I want to show someone else who is willing to buy this, as I am busy with other projects.

I have a trusted and verified supplier connected to the products that has fast and reliable shipping to the USA when products are ordered. Profit margins range from 44%-60% per product and can easily be marketed through free organic traffic. Once you get one sale, from there it should only get easier, as you can spend more on marketing and targeted traffic. You basically need to make one sale and make your money back, from there is pure profitability.

How can the buyer take this project further?

Specifically, I will show you how to use Google Adwords campaigns and SEO optimization to drive targeted USA traffic to your store to start having sales coming in while you sleep! I will also show you my Facebook ad strategy and how to scale from that platform as well. I have helped many of my clients grow and scale their online businesses to over 6 figures a year in revenue! I respond quickly so let me know if this is something you want to pursue and I would love to hand this business off.

Profit margins for the products listed on the website range from 44%-65% with the highest listing being over $3,400. All it takes is getting one sale with this site and from there you can really improve your SEO and scale your audience. Once you have a few google ad campaigns running you should be bringing in at least $15K-$25K a month in revenue. I will connect you with a trusted US supplier to take care of all of the shipping and delivery logistics.

This store was designed by a digital marketing agency I work with that helps me scale and Brand e-commerce businesses. Content creation and web design were all professionally done. SEO optimization is done on every page of the website, which most don't have.

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Marketing, Strategy


E-Commerce, Shopping

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
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