Electric Travel eCommerce Store

Electric scooter and bike e-commerce store that distributes in the UK.

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Seller Bio

This project was born from my passion for last-mile electric travel. I recognised the trend early-on, but lack the time and digital marketing skills to take this solid foundation to the next level.


The site makes solid margin on selling popular electric scooters direct to consumer in the UK, with massive potential to expand with new product lines, geographies and brands.

In particular, someone with digital marketing/community building experience will be able to build easily on this solid foundation, and take the business to the next level. With Spring/Summer around the corner, it's the perfect time for the right person to take-over!

The Opportunity

Last-mile electric travel is a hypergrowth sector, project is perfectly placed to capitalise on this growing trend. The industry size is forecast to double in the next 2 years, due to de-regulated and mass-adoption of this new technology.

Key Strengths

  • Rare supplier contracts with the 2 market leading manufacturers (Xiaomi/Segway), who are no longer negotiating new contracts in the UK!
  • Modern, engaging and trustworthy Shopify site design using the 'Warehouse' template ($220 RRP)
  • Automated logistics with below market rates on storage, shipping and picking fees - shipped on Shopify notification so you don't lift a finger
  • Brand-Loyalty - 5* Trustpilot review and most importantly, we have never had a single return!
  • Large Instagram following (1000+ followers) generated from launch competitions/giveaways
  • Unique 'scooter selection' tool live on site to help customers and drive revenue
  • Brand Assets - High-quality and professionally developed logo/branding/typography all included in the sale
  • Over 200 customer accounts with data for further campaigns stored in Shopify
  • A highly scaleable platform to add more brands/product lines and grow


The majority of tasks are completely automated. In its current state only stock ordering and (very occasional) customer service require any input from the site operator.


I was actively operating the site between July - December 2020. In this time we achieved £13,900 revenue at approx 20% margin.

As you can see from the financials, monthly revenue has major variances. Honestly, this is because it is tied to my effort on traffic generation. Someone with quality digital marketing strategy and tools, could easily achieve $5000 monthly revenue without offering any new products or exploring new territories.

Seller Notes

All assets of the business are included in this sale, aside from any of the remaining inventory, which can be negotiated separately. This provides the buyer with a clean-slate to make purchasing/stock decisions as they see fit.

I'd love to answer any questions you have about the business, so please feel free to ask away :)

How can the buyer take this project further?

Digital Marketing

Anyone with decent digital marketing skills/experience will be able to drive this much further forward than I can as I have limited expertise of SEO and CPC marketing.

Community Building

Very little has been done to regularly engage customers and current subscribers. There is huge opportunity to engage and maximise this community.

New Product Lines

The site should be treated as a platform to grow. We currently offer the two most popular brands, but our suppliers offer many more which can be trialled. There is also the opportunity to expand into e-bike sales which are more profitable.

In addition to the growth opps above - the main reason for this sale is that I no longer have the time to develop the site. Someone who is looking for a project to put time in and build value will quickly reap the reward

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Automotive, Business, E-Commerce, Shopping

Reason for Selling

I don't have the skills to take it any further

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

Other Information

  • 0 Offers received
  • 200 Newsletter subscribers
  • 1,077 Instagram Followers

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