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Email Service B2B SaaS Software


This project helps businesses easily find and email new customers. We're a subscription-based software that allows users to search and find new customers and send them targeted emails with ease. We are selling our WordPress website and our software. 

It's taken us 6 month to build out the MailChimp and Active Campaign like features below.  The Software is turnkey and just needs to be marketed now. What makes this software even more attractive is that you can use this software to rake leads, and market to them to get them to sign up for the service. This will help you reduce your marketing costs significantly and sign up new users for relatively cheap. 

What's included in the software? See our website to learn more about the service and signup for an account so you can look around. Here's a list of all that is included: 

  1. Login Features:
    1. Registration and Login Page
    2. Super admin account with the ability to log into different users accounts and review and adjust their campaigns.
  2. Pricing:
    1. A credit system: for each email users send, or for each email they rake they are charged 1 credit. Packages renew monthly and automatically deduct and renew as the user performs actions.
    2. Stripe integrated pricing packages.
    3. Free plan with 500 credits that users can add and get started with 1 click.
    4. 3 additional paid plans with the ability to change the number of credits for each plan and change the price for each plan.
    5. Ability to stop the subscription, restart the subscription or edit it and switch to a different package.
  3. Contacts:
    1. Ability to add contacts 1 by 1 or upload lists of contacts, and ability to segment those contacts by tags.
  4. Emails:
    1. Ability to build plain text templates, or marketing emails with images and custom content.
    2. Custom-built email marketing templates for users to use and edit/add their custom content to.
    3. Ability to send 1 off email marketing campaigns, and to customize which audience from your contacts to send to.
    4. Ability to schedule emails to go out a different times.
    5. Ability to send email sequences (send email 1 on day 1, send 2nd email on day 3 etc…), with ability to stop, edit and add sequences after sequences have been scheduled.
    6. Ability to copy and paste sequences used in the past and add/edit them.
    7. Ability to build sequences, save them and keep them in draft stage so you can work on them and edit them later.
    8. Ability to add merge codes to your emails.
  5. Reporting:
    1. Ability to view reports on each sequence sent, and view who's received, opened and clicked on your emails from the sequences.
    2. Ability to track and view how many emails were sent, received, opened, landed in spam.
  6. Tags:
    1. Ability to create custom tags so you can tag each user and target them in different campaigns or sequences.
  7. Rake:
    1. Ability to rake 1000's of contacts from the web and import them into your account with ease.
    2. Ability to rake contacts based on location (anywhere in the world) or custom categories.
    3. Raking features provides customer with information including business name, address, social links, email address, and categories which they identify themselves as.
    4. Ability to download raked lists, or automatically import them into your contacts.
    5. Ability to review and edit raked contact lists and customize which information you want stores in your contacts, and which not to include, You can also assign tags to these users.
    6. Ability to map contact information into different categories like name, address, email or phone number and use those categories as merge codes in your campaigns so you can personality the content you are sending out.
    7. Software automatically cleans all lists for users and get rid of contacts with add characters in their email addresses so users are not adding contacts that they won't be able to connect with.
  8. Wordpress website:
    1. 5 page WordPress website, with the ability to log in or sign up to software from.
    2. Custom made an animated.
    3. A step by step guide for new users with 4 recordings that total over 90 minutes.
  9. Social:
    1. Facebook page with 219 likes and an Instagram account with 183 followers.

Before you contact us with questions or inquiries please read the following. 

  1. We are ONLY considering selling and are NOT interested in partnerships
  2. We are firm on our asking price- asking to be compensated for the time it took us to build this out and to pay our developers their wages. Try hiring someone to build out all these features for you and you will readily find out that even a cheap inexperienced developer from India will end up charging more than we are asking and will take 3-6 months to build out.
  3. We are selling the software as is and will not negotiate to add any additional features or making any changes. Though, we are happy to connect you with good developers to customize additional work you would like done.


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Use the software to market the software. 

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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