Embed Notion Content on Websites

This service makes it easy to re-use your Notion content on your own website.

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This service makes it easy to re-use your Notion content on your own website. A JS code snippet is generated by the user for a public Notion page. Inserting the code snippet into any HTML web page allows for the existing Notion page content to be displayed on the webpage.

Changes to the Notion page appear in real time wherever the code snippet is included.

The use case leverages existing Notion content, design, and functionality for display outside of Notion.

This can allow non-tech and/or multiple users to make edits to the Notion content that appears on the website. You can update a website on the fly directly through Notion.

Use Notion as a mini CMS to keep a website up to date and leverage Notion's built-in data, content, design, and functionality.

Solid traffic, signups and search engine rankings.

Competitors use an iframe to embed Notion pages. Notion2Embed has relied on retrieving and rendering the Notion content to allow the Notion content to be crawled and contribute to SEO.

I originally relied on a paid service to provide access to the Notion API, but this service closed down. I am now relying on a free utility with less functionality. I do not have the needed Node/React knowledge to use the more robust open-source libraries to build this out myself.

Could be converted to an iFrame snippet for ease, or maintain the JS snippet for differentiation.

Competitors have successfully monetized, but I have not attempted to. Built in marketing through a branded link. A teaser “upgrade” link on the landing page is frequently clicked.

Free plans could be limited to a timeframe, views, and delayed updates. Paid plans could elicit the branding link, increased views, real-time updates, multiple links, and other preferences.

More than 400 embed links were created in just over a year. Averaging about 7,000 views for embedded links each month. Was almost double this before switching to the free rendering API.

Ranking for 115 terms in Google. First page for many with room for improvement. More content on website would likely help.

Currently spend 0 time on the site.



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