Embed & Stream Videos on Your Website

Embed & Stream videos on Your Website with just 3 clicks!

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A well-built and beautifully designed Sass platform that allows customers to embed & stream videos in their websites in high quality, fast loading speed, and fully customized player. huge market and a lot of potential business, high-profit margins, ready to go to market.


The story:

Hey 👋 I'm Yiftach, the current CEO. 

This startup was developed by two amazing programmers and entrepreneurs from Germany, It was acquired by me, and we did a complete redesign, and a lot of features, bug fixes, and marketing preparations for the project, and unforetntly I cannot keep working on it, because of a family member related health issue.

So, I'm selling the project, because I don't want it to just sit around, and I truly believe that whoever takes it, can have a very unique and long live saas startup.


The problem that reelio solves:

we have to have this knowledge to get some perspective first:

videos are the present and the future. the most used app is TikTok, and the most viewed content is short-form videos. That's true for entertainment, but also shopping.

Here is a stat: 73% of online consumers prefer short videos over text and other media to learn about products.


here are a few more stats for websites that use videos:




so, more and more brands and websites starting to use videos on their website.


now for the problem:


there are a ton of websites in the world, on tons of different platforms.

all of them encounter 1 or more of these problems:

  1. the platform doesn't support native videos for products/pages
  2. when they do support it, the page becomes super slow, which hurts the UX and causes more problems than sales.
  3. there is not enough customizability for the video player, and we have to stick to the YouTube embed which is terrible for branding, UX, and page speed


Reelio solved all of that!




  1. you don't need to be a developer to use the platform!
  2. Uploading and embedding videos happen with 1 click!
  3. The videos are in super high-quality resolutions.
  4. The platform will not affect your website loading speed like other tools.
  5. We have an advanced algorithm to detect and optimize the videos based on different parameters



  1. user installs reelio on the website with a single line of script. (works on 99% of all platforms in the world. WP, Shopify, Wix, etc)
  2. the user uploads his video to the Dashboard.
  3. the user clicks on the image that he wants to replace with a video
  4. The platform will now stream the video in high-res and fast delivery.

the process takes 3-10 seconds and no code/technical knowledge is needed by the end user.


How does it work?


in short, a user uploads a video to the platform dashboard, and from there the video gets sent to a process of Transcoding, changing the format to HLS (the leading format of videos, TikTok, Instagram), and comes back to the platform

The customer visits the website, our Algorithm detects which device they are, and the bandwidth they have, and serves them the best and fastest version of that video.

The state of the project, revenues, and opportunity for you

the project was in development for about 2 years and is super well-built, and well designed, by a team of pros.

the platform is working and the maintenance is about 50 USD only.

The platform was making a few thousand dollars in total, we had a few clients before the overhauled design and improvement cycle that took place when I acquired the project, and those clients can be re-subscribed if you contact them...

sadly for me, I did all the "heavy lifting" part, and now, moments before I can get to the hands of users, and start paying off I have to stop but this is life, and honestly, I'm excited for you to take it, and profit from our work...



Free tier - 3-5 videos.

Growth plan of $29 / month

Pro plan of $99 / month



what you will get & the technology:


The platform is build with:







What you will get:

An awesome and comprehensive notion DB full of knowledge, like the tech behind it, customer reviews, business plan, marketing materials, and so much more

a comprehensive (videos) overview of the project structure, to make the transition easy for a new developer

fully ready platform and payment methods

fully ready front-end website

fully ready demo website

domains, hosting, marketing tools, licences and much more




demo. reelio.io


price and a bonus

the price for the all project is 32,000 USD.

this price is just to cover development costs, not even the research, front-end website, tools, and the work that has been done for this project.


for a flat 40,000 USD, I can offer you another project that is related to this and was my plan to integrate between them: airshop. a platform that allows users to build a website that is all video-based. this project is half-ready and in the MVP stage.


this project is for those with vision, and take this project and blow it up, the market is ready, and the feedback from clients is super positive:

"I have searched ages for video embeds that feel intuitive to our customers and are easy to handle. reelio just nails it - since we use it I can see a clear uplift in our conversion rate. Can recommend 100%”

this is a 100% true testimonial from a client.

I know the revenue numbers are not impressive, but the project just came out from development, and I just can't take it to market right now, i will not sell it unless I absolutely have to...

so, let us talk about it, and I hope you will be the lucky one, to come in and make this dream project a big success.



How can the buyer take this project further?

Just email me at: [email protected] or Whatsapp at +972556657226 :)

Tools & Technologies

Node.js, Other, Vue.js, Wordpress

Skills Required

Marketing, Programming, Strategy, Sales


Advertising, Business, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Shopping, Utilities

Reason for Selling

I prefer not to give a reason at this time

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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