Employee Reference Checking Tool

An automated system for getting fast, objective feedback from multiple references on applicants.

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A platform that allow companies to digitalise the employment reference checking process. It is an automated system for getting fast, objective feedback from multiple references on all of your applicants!

It is easy and can be used by anyone – individuals and organisations. An organisation might use it to as part of the reference checking process used during the hiring process. An individual might want to quickly check the references on a painter, roofer or housekeeper.

It is easy to use for individuals, recruiters and human resource personnel. It provides meaningful reporting capabilities to allow you to make fast and conscious decisions. It is a robust technology platform that is highly secure to guarantee confidentiality and protection to all parties concerned at all times.

Features includes;

  • Multiple Organizations
  • Unlimited References check
  • Unlimited Custom Questions
  • Team Management
  • Multiple Questions Banks/Templates

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Tools & Technologies

Java, Javascript, jQuery, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, Spring


Business, Education, HR Tech

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