Face Shape Detector

An online AI tool where people can find their face shapes by uploading an image of their face and make styling recommendations.

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Listing Details

An online AI tool where people can find their face shapes by uploading an image of their face. The website will also suggest the perfect hairstyles, makeup, and glasses that suit the detected face shape.

Face Shape is the key to e-commerce websites for the industries ( sunglasses, eyeglasses, makeup products, and hair products). It's also the key to booking more appointments with hairstylists and hair salons.

The website is launched two months ago, and now it's the first result on Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia for the keywords "face shape detector", "online face shape detector", "ai face shape detector", "face shape detector online". ( 7k impressions on Bing )

The website is on the first page of google for the exact keywords. 8.18K Impressions and 579 clicks in the last three months.

After two months of launching, the website has more than 70 new visitors daily. and more than 1700  face shapes were detected.

For each face shape, there are suggestions for the perfect hairstyles (blogs ) and glasses with amazon products (affiliate links)

The website is approved for google Adsense.

The content of the website is implemented based on the storytelling brand strategy.

How can the buyer take this project further?

  • Collaborating with hairstylists, hair salons, glasses stores, makeup artist
  • Create a glasses store and receive appointments. 
  • Receive hairstyle appointments.

Tools & Technologies

Flask, Github, Heroku, HTML, Javascript, Python

Skills Required

Marketing, Communication


Advertising, Blogging, Content, Lifestyle, Machine Learning, ML / AI, SEO, Shopping

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