Fitness App

A fitness app for the trainer, trainee and admin.

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What does the fitness app offer?

We offer a trainee app and a trainers app to help you manage your gym, track your clients’ progress, and provide them with the best possible fitness experience.


Trainee app

The User App is designed with a customer-centric approach. This App ensures an engaging relationship between trainers and members.


Trainer App

Trainer App lets trainers track client progress and improve service with complete coaching capabilities.


Admin Dashboard

The admin panel lets you manage exercises and users, delete users, examine profiles, etc

How can the buyer take this project further?

User Personalization

Tailor your fitness journey by adapting workouts and goals to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Explore Trainers

Trainees can explore the best trainers based on their certificates and reviews to achieve their goals.


Monitor your exercise objectives, including Weight loss, body fat, muscular mass, and workouts.

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