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Help give footballers from all over the world an opportunity to sign a contract.

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Online business, remote control.  Football mediation.  You can run your business anywhere in the world.  My brother and I created this project.  My name is Roman Tsankov and I am a professional footballer in the past.  My brother Vladimir Tsankov is a marketer.  We have created a marketing platform.  This project is based on our knowledge and connections so that footballers from all over the world would have the opportunity to sign a contract.  How does it work?

We have a network of seven websites and a sales team that works remotely.  We have also established cooperation with football academies to which we supply football players.  Thus, the website is an intermediary between these academies and the players, getting their profit.


We sell soccer challenge entries to players from all over the world between the ages of 16 and 23.  The first base is located in Germany and the second is in Ukraine.  We cooperate with football academies, which provide accommodation, training for athletes, participation in tests for football clubs and also the academies undertake the signing of contracts.  We are in sales and our area of ​​responsibility is to attract players.  And for this we get our profit.

We work with a World-class advertising agency.  The agency provides Lead Generation for our sites.  We also have a sales department that deals with the processing of leads and sales by phone in correspondence via e-mail and WhatsApp.  This business has been operating for several years and the work of employees is well established, you just need to pay the bills, pay salaries to employees and monitor the processes in the company.  Since the leader himself is now seo, you will need to find a leader for this position or become such a leader at the head of the company yourself.  Tracking all processes usually takes no more than 2-3 hours a week for a person who is already familiar with the work system.  All accounting is carried out through the Amo-CRM system.


The advertising agency attracts customers for us through contextual advertising on Instagram, Facebook and Google.  We also have our own Instagram channel which customers come through.  Our clients are located all over the world including North America and the European Union.  These are young guys from 16 to 23 years old, among them there are amateur footballers and young footballers who wish to become professionals.  We have regular customers who come first to Ukraine then to Germany and vice versa.


This business brings in from $60,000 to $70,000 of net profit per year.  The marginality is 93.5%.  There is no such offer on the market, which allows you to increase the price of services.  We conduct business transparently, so we are ready to provide all the numbers.

We have created an unique business, which has no analogue. This is our brainchild, which was built from our love for football and experience in marketing.  We want our business to continue, we have the best practices for opening new countries.  It is important for us to know whom we are selling our business to and what you are going to do with this business. We are ready to help the new owner.


Roman and Volodymyr

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