Fully Setup NFT Project

A complete and fully setup NFT project ready for growth.

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Listing Details

A collection of 10,000 NTFs with all their infrastructure created. - Discord channel, Twitter, NFT mining dApp, even an affiliate platform so that people who get one of your NFTs can be affiliated, and Youtube channel with project presentation and affiliate platform presentation. Only 12 NFTs have been minted, and the value of each NFT is 0.04 ETH; if the entire collection were sold, +399 ETH (+$1M) would be generated

How does the business generate revenues?

The project generates funds directly from the sale of NFTs. The ETH generated by the project goes directly to the smart contract address. From there, executing the withdraw function that the smart contract has implemented, the funds go directly to the owner's metamask wallet.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

The only thing we have done for this project, due to the few funds we had for marketing, has been some collaboration on Twitter, and Google Ads applied to our youtube presentation video (+8K views). Total approx: $400 

How can the future owner generate more revenue?

Once the snowball effect is generated and all the NFTs are sold, as a consequence, the new owner will have funds and an active community on their side. This is the perfect mix for success; you can take those funds and create an NFT game where you can monetize the project in another way, creating your token and generating many more benefits. In addition to merchandising.

We will include the entire project 100%, along with all the sources and intellectual property of the entire project. In addition, we will not mind giving technical support to the new owner (always within reasonable limits). Whoever buys this project will get:

  • Domain dinocryptoworld.com
  • Web (minting dApp)
  • Affiliate website
  • Metamask wallet of the project or transfer ownership of the smart contract to owner wallet.
  • Collection smart contract
  • Discord community
  • Twitter (+1.5k followers)
  • Instagram
  • All project sources, including drawings, layers, etc.
  • White Paper (+20 pages)
  • Youtube channel with two videos of the project.
  • Bots

Reason for selling

We are two people working on this project, both professionals in our respective areas (illustration and IT); we are adults with families and children, so we need a stable job to support our families. Our intention with this project was to generate enough funds to leave our current jobs, maintain our salaries, and focus 100% on creating an NFT video game. We started this project with great enthusiasm, applying all our free time and sleeping little to carry it out, but after two months with almost no sleep, we saw that we needed much more time to manage it. For this reason, with great sadness, we want to transfer this entire project to someone with the resources to relaunch it and carry it forward. If we manage to build all this in a short time, we believe that someone with financial resources can launch this project and sell all the NFTs quickly.


How can the buyer take this project further?

The project has all the possible characteristics to be a successful project: RoadMap, WhitePaper, Videos, Art, Confidence,... After seeing that with so few resources we have managed to sell NFTs from our collection, we understand that the product is liked, only we need to reach more people and make more people trust the project. We believe that adding a bit of HYPE and FOMO would be enough to sell the entire project, and this can only be achieved by making noise, and we all know that making noise on the internet only takes money. So if marketing funds were applied with a good strategy, it would be enough to sell the entire collection and continue on the road.

Tools & Technologies

CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, Node.js, React, Ruby

Skills Required

Marketing, Networking, Communication, SEO, Sales


Automotive, Business, Crypto / Blockchain, Gaming

Reason for Selling

I don't currently have enough money to keep it going

Your Options

Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

Other Information

  • 0 Offers received
  • 644 Twitter followers
  • 520 Youtube subscribers
  • 5 Instagram Followers

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