General Comfort Ecommere Store with Viral TikTok Account

Very low-maintenance business with a viral TikTok account.

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Listing Details

Key Highlights

  • Very low-maintenance business
  • No need to handle stock ever again
  • Completely organic sales (No marketing costs)
  • Opportunities to grow the already booming social media


A general comfort store that has a great opportunity to expand on its famous comfort range, including the most popular product Cozy Kicks (Popular sneakers, turned into slippers for around the house). 

The store is super low maintenance and only requires LESS THAN 4HRS/WEEK to maintain. This is because it is run via dropshipping, the stock is located in China and when you receive and order all you have to do is click fulfil on our supplier's software and pay for your customer's product.

All marketing is TikTok organic as we currently have a very interactive social media following which provides us with consistent views and store sessions. We recommend posting 2/3 short form Tiktok videos daily onto the account featuring the Cozy Kicks and Cozy Rug to continue to drive conversions. 


Cozy Kicks is an international brand as our supplier provides us with FREE international shipping. 

Our social media has current active followers from across the world which drives engagement globally. 


From the previous year, we can see that sales skyrocket as Christmas approaches, but are quite consistent all year round. 

The business has amazing margins as costs are kept low, as well as product costs. Our Cozy Kicks cost us less than $ 14 USD a pair, shipped and are on average sold for a whopping $ 31 USD. With an insane 2X up mark, you cannot go wrong with this simple method.

Additional Notes

The business storefront also comes with our viral tiktok account which has over 220,000 likes in total and thousands of monthly viewers, making marketing come at NO COST. Leaving you with pure profit after your affordable product cost.

As well as our viral Instagram account with over 8000 followers and hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers.

How can the buyer take this project further?

To continue to advertise using our already thriving social media accounts and possibly expand on the product range. The business is already on track for success, but I personally need the money at this point in time and am quite disappointed to be parting ways with it. 


Shopping, Wearables

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets

Other Information

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  • 3,000 Newsletter subscribers
  • 8,000 Instagram Followers
  • 37,483 TikTok Fans

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