Healthcare Lead Generation Website

Help subscribers find cheaper health insurance by enrolling in university.

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Healthcare in the USA is dumb. Like really really dumb. This online platform allows subscribers to find cheaper health insurance by enrolling in university. 

I think the website would be an amazing source of lead generation for any health tech startup or new-wave insurance company. It's very hard to make health insurance interesting to anyone and this site does it well. 

What exactly is for sale?

  1. Website built on Carrd.
  2. Email list with >350 subscribers.
  3. Domain name 
  4. Documentation and resources for keeping the dataset updated.
  5. Full Airtable database covering all public universities in the USA (only 20% of the data was every released).

How much?

I'm asking for $3,000 USD. Not quite twice what I spent just to collect the data. My goal is to cover my costs and find a buyer quickly.

✅ Pre-revenue (18$ in donations)
✅ Bootstrapped
✅ Tech: No Code, Airtable, Carrd, Email Octopus
✅ Competitors: Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Health Insurance Marketplace
✅ Data covers all 653 public universities in the USA

How can the buyer take this project further?

This product has great word of mouth virility. It would be much more valuable as lead gen for a health tech startup or modern health insurance company than it is as a standalone product.

Tools & Technologies

No Code


Content, Healthtech, SEO

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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Included in the Sale

  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes marketing assets

Other Information

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  • 400 Newsletter subscribers

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