Homeschool Website and Membership Management Platform

Platform to create professional website and member management system for homeschool groups.

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Homeschool website and member management

A platform for managing any homeschool group's common membership tasks as well as providing a professional looking website accessible from any device.

1. Seller Bio
I'm a senior level mobile, web and desktop developer leveraging two decades of experience across a variety of industries including executive search, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, engineering, entertainment and parenting. 

2. Executive Summary
Hundreds of homeschool groups exist across the United States, the majority having either an outdated website or no website at all.  Most operate within a tight budget, so the pricing of existing solutions create a barrier to entry for groups to create an online presence.  Homeschool Space platform provides a platform for these groups to have a customized website and membership management up and running within a few hours of account creation, all at an affordable fixed price.

3. Highlights
- Manage an entire member list through a beautifully designed modern interface
- Build custom pages including embedded images and videos without and coding experience
- Generate public and private custom forms with a simple drag and drop interface
- Create calendar events for meetings, field trips, or anything else
- Organize recurring classes and track registrations with student payments
- Manage documents and share them privately or publicly
- Private forums for interactive group discussions
- Link a Stripe account to easily accept payments for registrations and forms
- Export member lists, form responses and financials to Excel
- 100% responsive

4. Operations
Platform was designed to be largely hands off once a new group is established.  All content and group management is performed by the administrator(s) of the group.  The most time consuming management aspect is setting up a new group for use, which overall takes around an hour or less.

5. Customers

Customer Profile
- There are over 2 million students currently homeschooled across the US with that number increasing
- Hundreds of homeschool groups currently exist to support these students, largely with an outdated or no website at all
- Many groups were using Yahoo! Groups for management which shut down 12/15/2020
- Homeschool groups range from a few dozen members to hundreds, depending on the supported metro area

Customer Acquisition
I will provide a spreadsheet of 700+ US based homeschool groups that I have contacted in the past.  This will include any leads tagged for follow up in the future, or that I have already corresponded with the existing website administrator.

Customer Retention
Homeschool Space doesn't currently have any paying customers.

6. Financials
Platform is not presently generating revenue.  Monthly web hosting is currently $30 for 3 servers.  Yearly costs are domain registration and SSL certificate for approximately $200.  Pricing for the site is currently set at $9, $39, $69 and $99 per month depending on the group size.

7. Seller Notes
Platform is hosted with Linode, which will make transfer of the existing Linodes to another account simple.  The front end is written in Angular 7, the backend is Node 10 and MySQL.  Sale includes the domain and full copyright to the source code.  I will provide all source code and a transition document with build instructions, passwords, group setup, etc. upon completion of the sale.

How can the buyer take this project further?

- More in depth class management, allowing students to be re-assigned/moved
- Provide grading for students within classes
- Allow groups to import data from other platforms/sources
- Support documentation/tutorials/videos

Tools & Technologies

Angular, MySQL, Node.js

Skills Required

Marketing, Customer Service, DevOps, Programming, Communication, Strategy, Sales


Education, Kids, Lifestyle

Reason for Selling

I don't have the skills to take it any further


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