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HR & interview software for small businesses.

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This is a custom made, beautiful web application designed for small to medium sized businesses to handle Human Resource related tasks specifically focusing on the interview process.



The main feature of website is to effortlessly handle the interview process from beginning to end. Applicants can be invited to interview for any position the company offers (positions are also managed via this application). Applicants can upload a resume, take a multiple choice assessment (automatically graded), and schedule their phone/in-person interviews. Admins can advance applications. Steps include: phone and in-person interviews, job offer, and drug screening (see pictures for more details).



This web application is integrated with DocuSign. Create templates via DocuSign and have the web application automatically send out the templates to applications regarding job offers, job descriptions, and more. The website will automatically update when they have signed the documents.



There are over 45 emails that are sent by the application. This includes emails to the admins when applicants do various things and also emails to the applicants letting them know about any changes in the interview process (such as being advanced to the next step or rejected). There are also a handful of Human Resource related emails such as when team members change their 401(k) or update their uniforms.



-Manage and search team members

-Manage and search applicants

-Receive support requests from team members

-Manage company positions

-Show the company handbook

-Send company-wide announcements

-401(k) changes

-Uniform changes

-Basic profile changes



300 hours logged in the making of this site by a full-stack developer with 10+ years’ experience. Also, about 20 hours of design work involved.


Laravel 8

Livewire 2

Tailwind CSS 2

Alpine.js 3

-Testing: The entire web application was developed via test-driven development. Every aspect of the code base is under passing tests. There are 789 tests with about 3,000 assertions.



1. Code as is

2. Code with revisions (such as adding or subtracting an interview step), changing wording, changing design, changing email wording

3. Code with revisions + full hosting (will include an agreed-upon monthly fee). I will host the website, maintain it, do updates, fix errors, make any future changes you want to existing features (included under monthly fee). New features can be added for an agreed-upon hourly rate.


HR Tech

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes hosting accounts

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