LeetCode Chrome Extension

A chrome extension to help you memorize LeetCode solutions using spaced repetition.

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A Chrome extension for scheduling LeetCode study sessions using spaced repetition, which allows for maximum retention of the solutions. It also includes a nearly complete directory of all LeetCode solutions in Go, Python, Java, and C++ collected from around the internet.

The Chrome extension is built using Svelte and Node.js while the website is built using Next.js and hosted on Vercel. The website also has some web scrapers written in JavaScript that collect LeetCode solutions from GitHub. The authentication server is hosted for free on Heroku.

The extension has been downloaded 230 times in total and purchased 13 times. The website started receiving 600 visitors a month after adding the LeetCode solutions directory recently.

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You can add more articles and resources for software engineers looking for switching jobs or starting their careers. You can also add an affiliate program or add a merch store for developers and students. Many YouTubers focus on this niche and they might be interested in marketing this extension.

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CSS, Express, Git, Github, Heroku, HTML, Javascript, Node.js, React


Career, Content, Education

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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