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This data finder helps you discover personal and company information about your prospects on LinkedIn.

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I built this LinkedIn email and phone number finder in Bubble to complement my lead-generation agency ( However I've found that trying to run both businesses isn't working for me.

I would be happy to discuss a revenue share model where we'd discount the initial price but I'd help out with cold outreach and growth consulting.

If you're passionate about B2B SaaS and no-code then this is the project for you. I haven't launched anywhere yet so tons of potential for increasing traffic and signups.

The project is built on Bubble (love it) and integrates with 2 external APIs to find the data. Besides the Bubble project I've worked with a freelancer to develop the Chrome extension.

The extensions pulls in more data than any other extension out there (which is huge!). Plenty of people I've spoken to in my role as consultant for SaaS startups have asked for the ability to find phone numbers, company background info, company logos, verified emails, personal emails, and profile images. Leadaro does it all.

Besides that you can use the web app to plug in LinkedIn URLs to find data. In the web app there's a built-in section for upsells where users can buy additional credits.

To help you understand a bit more about the market I've put together a comparison chart in Google Sheets. Here it is (ghetto format, sorry):

I'm currently running cold outreach campaigns to get the first users on there and have no doubt I could run it up to $2-5k MRR over the next couple of months. However, as mentioned, I'm running an agency next to this and I'm finding it hard to deliver for my clients when I'm also trying to build a SaaS product.

How can the buyer take this project further?

I'd be open to discussing a deal where I would help out with growth. If you're experienced in SEO and cold outreach you could take the project on yourself and find users.

Also still haven't launched yet on PH, Betalist, IH, etc.

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Strategy, SEO, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Communication


API, Business, Email, Other

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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