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Beauty bars infused with amino acids - beautifully packaged!

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Key Highlights

I have created an eco-luxury brand that creates extravagant and innovative products in a sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free manner. We found that in today’s world, we fail to remember to care for both our bodies and mind, limiting the boundless energies that make us beautiful. That’s why we embarked on a journey to develop products that help people create happy and healthy rituals in their lives that have a positive impact on a global and personal level. Our first products are beauty bars infused with amino acids that work like a powerful moisturizer and cleanser at the same time, reversing the damaging effects of hand sanitizers. The business also advocates for social change and donates 80 cents of each sale to the UN’s World Food Programme.

Key Strengths:

Various platforms: We are currently selling on Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Verishop (large retail site) and Gumroad. 

Blogs: We have been publishing two wellness-related articles on our blog every month. 

Social Media: We have social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. We even have an article about sustainability on Medium. 

Feedback: Influencers, customers, friends and product testers LOVE the product. Genuinely. (Feedback found on the website) In addition, our products are very beautiful and ‘instagramable’. People also love the ‘unboxing experience’ that comes with our product.

Website: We always get compliments on our website and have a live chat to offer outstanding customer support. 

Trends:  Eco-Luxury\Slow Beauty\Clean Beauty is a relatively new segment that started to boom lately. Amino Acids are very popular in Asia and in Korean Beauty already - all the trends from Asia will reach the Western World eventually. Our brand’s products are ahead of time. Our boxes are ‘upcycable’ and these beauty bars are multi-purpose products: hand wash, moisturizer, shower gel and facial cleanser (4-in-1). Versatile products are on the rise as well. 

Sustainability: Liquid Soap vs Bar Soap: Bars soaps have a much lower carbon footprint and take less energy and water to produce. 

Amazing Scent: Earthy coffee, sensual chocolate, as well as a flirtatiously floral scent with wine & lemon essence 

No direct competitors: No western brand has created such unique amino acid soap products with high-end packaging. No other soap is able to moisturize skin so deeply. There’s the real science behind amino acids. 

Benefits of the product: Deep Moisture, Deep Cleansing, Increased Skin Elasticity, Moisture Retention, Skin Tone Improving, pH Balancing, Anti-Ageing 

Natural and Luxurious Ingredients: Amino acids, water, glycerin, vetiver essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, chocolate\hazelnut fragrance, coffee beans and gold foil flakes. 

Features: Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, natural ingredients, ethical, natural 


Avenues not explored:  

Amazon FBA - we weren’t able to register and use it. 

SEO - no work done.

Paid marketing ads and campaigns - no work done.

Verishop partnered with us - because we are not based in the US, we can’t use the app to engage with the customers through social media 

Influencer marketing - Only worked with roughly 10 influencers.

International customers - we only ship to the US and a lot of international customers who were interested in the product couldn’t purchase it

Opportunities & Other: This is a turn-key business that is live and ready for you to take over and expand! It’s very scalable as well. You could even change the product or add new ones, or even turn the site into a wellness magazine or become a leader in the eco-luxury segment. The options are endless! The suppliers we work with are very professional and knowledgable about the beauty\wellness industry. 

Solving a problem and filling a need in current society: In times like these, where we all need to frantically wash our hands, using soaps that take care of our skin and reverse the damages caused by hand sanitizers, is fulfilling an important need in our current society. 


We currently sell on Shopify and record all other sales from different platforms on Shopify. Our logistics & fulfilment center then takes the order, fulfills it and ships out the product. The warehouse we partnered with is located in central US. 

The products were manufactured and shipped from China. Our supplier helped with the relevant logistics, import and taxes. 

Current inventory: ~970 boxes - worth ~6,000 USD


Customers come from various different social media platforms and google searches. They are mainly from the US and are very engaged on our Instagram platform. (Engagement rate of 15%, which is above average)

With all our social media platforms, we reach several thousand of potential customers every month. (Sometimes up to 8,000 people on Pinterest) In the last 5 months, we had almost 500 people click on “Buy Now” on Shopify. 185 people looked at our products on Ebay and thousands have seen our LinkedIn posts. Since mid-August we had ~580 people visit our website and the average person spent 1.5 minutes on our website!


We launched mid-August last year and have spent very little money on paid ads or marketing (250$ only) which is why I believe the revenue is so low. Simply said, not enough people have been made aware of this revolutionary product. Almost no money was invested in marketing which explains the low number of purchases. The profit margin is 41% and there’s a 71% markup on the price. 

Additional Notes

I’m selling the business because I have too many other ventures going on and can’t commit time to this anymore. However, I poured my heart and soul into this and I do believe it can become a highly profitable business with a few tweaks. I’m open to any and all questions and suggestions, even to selling only the website and social media accounts as well. The products I would be adding to the sale of this business for free anyway and the current sale price only reflects the cost it took me to set up this business. 

This business requires only time, attention and marketing efforts to make it a big success. Unfortunately, I don’t have the tools and time for this as of now.

How can the buyer take this project further?

By putting it up on Amazon FBA or other retail sites with big exposure, doing (paid) marketing campaigns and extensive influencer marketing 

Skills Required

Writing, Time Management, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Communication


Blogging, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Shopping

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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