Machine Learning Command-Line Tool for AWS

Build, iterate, and deliver Machine Learning models faster than ever.

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A dead-simple command-line tool that allows you to run code on AWS as if you were running it locally. It abstracts away the complexity of AWS, allowing you to build, iterate, and deliver ML models faster than ever. 

The service drastically simplifies your AWS workflow by taking care of instance, environment, data, and IAM management - no changes to your codebase needed. Whether you are just getting started with AWS or are a seasoned veteran, this service takes the pain out of doing Machine Learning in the cloud, allowing you to focus on what matters - building great models for your client or team. 

My co-founder and I are experienced engineers, so the code is tested, and it is easy to read and extend.

How can the buyer take this project further?

We believe this service would be an valuable addition as an internal tool, which would allow your engineering team to iterate machine learning models on AWS faster than ever, instead of spending weeks/months trying to build this very tool from scratch. We would be happy to help a prospective buyer get familiar with the code, and give advice on how to implement new features.

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AWS, Python

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DevOps, Machine Learning, ML / AI

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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