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A gaming marketplace with potential.

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Listing Details

A marketplace for gaming influencers to sell online gaming sessions to fans.

Profitable Marketplace with $2,200 in TTM revenue and $1,710 in TTM profit that offers streaming services like Twitch, which let fans watch their heroes' games. This platform lets them play and interact with them in a really unique way. Friction about playing online games has only recently become very small - you simply have to add someone's gaming ID, and you’re with them then and there.

NOTE: Financial details are from last year rather than this year - we weren't active this year.

How can the buyer take this project further?

There is considerable untapped potential in our product, and there are no serious competitors in what is a growth industry. We have completed a significant amount of "post MVP" work that's been built, but not launched. Including a "self-service" session workflow system between customer and hero. Regarding hero outreach, we've also created a database of over 3000 gaming influencer and potential hero's contact details - be it from their personal talent agent or their direct email address, which in theory can be leveraged for several different outlets.

This platform creates an additional revenue stream for Twitch or YouTube streamers, whilst providing a unique route for influencers or celebrities who game to interact with their fanbase. 

Services like Cameo have done a lot of the heavy lifting for influencers buying into the value of on-demand fan services. This opens the door for products like ours wanting to use the same on-demand proposition for an entirely different service. 

We've hardly tapped into the number of gaming influencers that could be a hero on this platform - be it celebrities who game, or streamers with a 10k+ following. 

The product's value proposition is that it effectively has an in-built marketing system whereby heroes who wish to promote their sessions do so to their own fanbase - the customers who would want to purchase a session most. 

Due to the platform being self-funded up to this point, we've not had the capital available to make use of this and offer heroes paid-for advertisement opportunities to their audience.

Tools & Technologies

MySQL, Node.js, Vue.js

Skills Required

Marketing, Customer Service


Celebrity, Design, Entertainment, eSports, Gaming, Mobile

Reason for Selling

I don't have the skills to take it any further

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