Marketplace for Wellbeing Coaches

A marketplace for wellbeing coaches who can offer their 1-1 and in-group services through a videocall.

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Listing Details

A marketplace of wellbeing coaches (or any type of freelancers) who can offer their 1o1 and in-group services through a videocall to the final public or a company’s employees. 

The marketplace counts with 3 different spaces: 

1. Freelancers: professionals who offer their consultancy services in the form of sessions (typically 60-minutes) can create their profile. In their profile they can show a short introduction video of themselves, a photo gallery, a short description of what they do, a longer text where they can explain their experience and education, as well as they can create several types of sessions (or services) and assign a price for each type of session. 
Freelancers also have an agenda in their personal profile where they have to update their weekly or monthly availability to work. 

They can access a panel where they can see which sessions have been scheduled by a client, and freelancers can also cancel or reschedule sessions. In this panel, they can see how much money they have accumulated and easily wire the money to their bank accounts. 

Thanks to our integration with Agora, freelancers can offer their sessions in a videocall format for one or multiple clients at the same time. 

2.Clients or patients: individuals looking for a virtual wellbeing or consultancy service (for example: it can be a 60-min yoga class, or a masterclass of nutrition, or an individual personal shopping consultancy, etc etc) can create their own profile with their basic information. After that, they can access the “search your professional” space. 

In the Search engine, they can filter professionals by category, price, availability, type of sessions, or they can also directly type the name of a specific professional to access their profile and book a session with them. When booking a session, they can either use the credits that their company has granted them (in case they’re employees) or pay the price of the session. 

Clients can also reschedule or cancel a session. They can easily join the videocall once it’s the time of the session. 

3.Company/HR team:

 the HR team of a company willing to offer the services of the wellbeing professionals or consultants, can invite the employees into the platform. They can also manage the amount of sessions that each employee will have available as a credit and they can delete access of any employee. 

Technical details: 

-The project is built with Django and Docker framework for the backend 

-Next JS for the frontend

- We integrated Agora as a videocall provider

- Stripe as a payment provider 

- Hosted on AWS and Azure

- our informative website 

This site is built with WordPress and hosted on Upcloud but is currently deactivated to avoid the hosting costs. 

Marketing and business details

-Database of more than 50 coaches interested in participating in our marketplace. 32 of them have already created a profile on our website. 

-Database on Hubspot of more than 200 prospects (and emails) ready to be attacked for B2B strategies. 

-Database on Mailchimp of more than 600 interested clients in wellbeing services.

Tools & Technologies

AWS, Django, Docker, Github, React

Skills Required

Marketing, UI/UX Design, Networking, DevOps, Programming, Communication, Strategy, SEO, Sales


API, Content, Design, E-Commerce, Educational, Email, Healthtech, Lifestyle, Other, Payments, Video

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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