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Startup in a box. Social spontaneous meetup app.

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Bored? Meet and find friends spontaneously in one tap!  

The world's most spontaneous App for meetups with your Friends or alone.

There is a moment of spontaneous time - no activity was planned for that particular moment. The regarded person wants to undertake an activity with a friend, but doesn't know who's available and she would be not very happy to ask every single friend via WhatsApp or phone call. She opens the App instead, states that she's available by pressing the button and gets a quick overview of all her friends who got also some time. Every mobile number that is included in the personal address book is considered as a friend.

A mixture of Tinder and WhatsApp with focus on time and activity.


Got some time and want to make the best out of it?

Sick of wasting time asking friends if they are available and discussing about the venue? Most people love being spontaneous but are rather helpless when trying to be. What are you missing to be spontaneous? Sure, information about who's available at that particular moment and what amazing activity could be done where (without an information overflow that usually keeps us off from being really spontaneous)!


Lower the barriers for having and enjoying spontaneous moments.

Connect users and regional partners for suitable venues.


"I am the boss of my time."

Market Opportunity

55,7% are loving spontaneous activities.

For 44% spontaneity is even a very important indicator for a working relationship.

45% searched already for restaurants or pubs/bars on their smartphone.

58% accessed a social network via their smartphone.

 On average we're using 2.1 social network apps on our own smartphone. Social Networks are used regularly by 81% of the smartphone users.

Cumulated approx. one million web search requests related with 'spontaneity' are made monthly in the US and Germany.

 Mobile Ad Market is growing: (US: 2015: by 50%, $28.7 Billions).

There is still an estimated $25 Billions opportunity on the US market alone.

The regional Marketing Market is estimated to be 5.400 million Euro.

Business Model

IveTime (the first and consumer version) will be 'for free' for the user.

Revenue will be generated via

  1. Regional Marketing Ads (also known as 'Local Awareness Ads or 'Local Affiliate') what means that the user gets a suggestion for a venue that might be suitable (according to his place and needs) and that is determined using our database that includes partner advertisements as well as non-commercial related venues.
  2. Publishing a further version that is used for business contexts (IveTime for Business).
  3. InApp-sales might be used for particular features.

Tools & Technologies

AWS, BitBucket, Java, MySQL, Swift, Wordpress

Skills Required

Accounting, UI/UX Design, Networking, Finance, Programming, Communication, Strategy, SEO, Sales


Advertising, Android, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Mobile, Other

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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