Mental Health Workplace App

Employees anonymously submit mental health status, so managers can make better wellbeing decisions.

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Improve mental health in the workplace

Employees anonymously submit their mental health status, so managers can make better wellbeing decisions based on real data.

The app allows employees to submit how they’re feeling (anonymously) to their managers. Employees can complete regular check-in reminders/wellness assessments, and managers can make better wellbeing decisions based on the data. Due to the anonymity of the forms, employees don’t have to hide how they truly feel, and managers can get a greater understanding of the mental health of their employees. It is a simple way to start important conversations and foster a work environment focused on the wellbeing of the employees. This leads to employees encountering less stress and negative mental health consequences, and are therefore more happy, healthy, and productive. 

DISCLAIMER: I AM ONLY SELLING THE SOFTWARE, I have not attempted to onboard users or created social accounts. 

I will work with you to add additional features you would like to see before purchasing. 

How can the buyer take this project further?

There are many things the buyer can do to take this further. Some include:

- Adopt a version for students/teachers (infrastructure is already in place)

- Anonymous email from manager to a co-worker - this would allow for smoother direct communication, without giving away the identity

- HR department access

- Custom forms (a good way to monetize if not leasing the software)

- Email notifications - employees get an email every time a new wellness form is released


I am open to building these features for you before the purchase. 

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