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In a fraction of time and cost the web app lets you build and deploy 100% native mobile apps for iOS & Android. No drag-n-drop or confusing interfaces, simply use our pre-built components. Preview your app in real-time for free.

1. Seller Bio I have been building online businesses for the past 4 years, I also do freelance consulting in web/mobile app development on the side, I'll be happy to assist you add more features to this SaaS for a reasonable price. 

2. Executive Summary The business is a mobile app builder platform, the react native app template works out of the box and get updated remotely and instantly, no need to re-deploy to the stores. The platform can also convert WordPress blogs and Google Sheets to a mobile app or mini web app (view demo at instantly and with no additional configuration, 

I have been working on the WooCommerce integration but it was too complex and time-consuming, you can view the unfinished demo upon request. Our apps are not hybrid or webview containers, they're 100% native apps written in JavaScript. Many pre-built components are implemented: Structured Text YouTube/Video Image Audio Player Smart Button Webview List View Embed Map Contact info AdMob Banner RSS Feed Charts 

3. Highlights 

Using the admin interface (not deployed to the web for security reasons) you enter the app download links and hit a button, the user will receive an email notification that redirect to the download page on the platform. The project contains: Web App built with React.js deployed on Google Firebase (Free) Database built with NOSQL deployed on Google Firebase (Free) Web Server built with Node.js deployed on Heroku (Free plan, or better performance with paid plan at $9/m) Mobile App built with React Native (to be deployed on app stores) 

4. Operations The website and server need no additional work or maintenance, once they request a build to generate the mobile app for your users you simply change the email address on the template and run 2-3 command lines, the process is really easy and anybody can do it, the apps are built using expo so all the build is handled remotely, it takes about 30 min to generate IPA and APK. 

5. Customers 

There are 4 active users for now at $35/m, past transactions are not included in the sale. Current apps need no maintenance. The Mailchimp newsletter account have 500+ active subscribers. 

6. Financials Payments are handled by Paddle Payment Gateway (You can switch to PayPal or Stripe if you wish) 

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