Mobile App for Mewing (Facial Exercises for Jawline Improvement)

A successful project with a clear audience, supported by Reddit community.

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Mewing is the tongue exercise that can reshape the face and help correct orthodontic, breathing, and facial structural issues. It was developed by an orthodontist named John Mew in the 1970s and later gained popularity on Reddit and social media. 

Most people use this technique to get rid of double chin, improve the jawline and fix crooked teeth. The technique has a growing community on Reddit with 75k users (,, facebook, popular among Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. 

This app is the most popular app in that niche. 

iOS app:

Android app:


Key Highlights

  • #1 mobile app in a mewing niche
  • #1 position for keyword "mewing" in AppStore
  • Premium domain ""
  • 32,000 installs
  • 7% conversion rate from install to subscription purchase (iOS)
  • built with no-code
  • Product already loved by users and community, so the main focus should be on scaling marketing channels

📈 Revenue growing 40% Month-over-Month ($): 

  • Feb 2022 3287
  • Jan 2022 4681
  • Dec 2021 1839
  • Nov 2021 1442
  • Oct 2021 1016
  • Sep 2021 1386
  • Aug 2021 731
  • Jul 2021 499
  • Jun 2021 113
  • May 2021 226
  • Apr 2021 130
  • Mar 2021 37
  • Feb 2021 21

Mobile app functionality:

The app helps people get rid of double chins and achieve a defined and beautiful jawline by using the "mewing" technique. 

  • Tutorials for all techniques related to mewing (text, images, animations)
  • Reminders that help make mewing a habit (push notifications)
  • Daily video workout
  • Checklists helping achieve correct tongue posture
  • Tools for making, saving, and comparing progress photos


Diversified monetization via subscriptions

The app is monetized through in-app subscriptions (iOS & Android) and WEB subscriptions. 

  • iOS: 72%
  • Android: 21%
  • Web: 7%

Pricing - annual (39$) and weekly (5.99$) subscriptions, with slight variations for different regions. 

Built with no-code tools - no need for programmers to make changes

The app is built with the most powerful no-code platform + for converting the bubble app to the mobile app. 

Website built on + onboarding funnel built on + web subscription powered by


  • iOS + Android app ( $135/month
  • Website hosting ( $20/month
  • Website onboarding funnel ( 25$/month

Overall expenses: $180/month

No need for manual work or maintenance

App is fully functional and does not need any maintenance or manual work. The main focus should be on scaling marketing channels and running monetization, onboarding, and paywall A/B tests. 


The main paying audience is men and women after 25 who want to improve the attractiveness of their face by getting rid of a double chin and improving their jawline.

The mewing technique gained popularity a few years ago and is most popular on Reddit, youtube, and TikTok. 

Check out what results can be achieved by this technique: Mewing Before & After

App is loved by the mewing community and users

  • Reddit post with app introduction become one of the most popular posts at mewing subreddit of all time with 1200+ upvotes.
  • The app has a high rating of 4.5 on iOS (based on 99 ratings)
  • Net Promoter Score 30+ among paying users

Retention (iOS):

  • Day 1: 33%
  • Day 7: 25%
  • Day 14: 21%
  • Day 30: 13%

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Selling this lot, because forced to immigrate due to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

If you have any questions or offers, please send them to [email protected]

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  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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  • 6,000 TikTok Fans

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