Mobile E-commerce Store and Online Presence Creator

A mobile online store creator.

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Key Highlights:
- On Store is a template focusing on e-commerce businesses, helping them create a professional online presence.
- The app monetizes by offering businesses a range of features and tools to enhance their online selling experience.

- On Store operates primarily through their mobile app platform, providing businesses with an easy-to-use template for setting up their online store.
- Businesses can buy the apps for a one time fee, which grants them access to premium features such as customizable themes, advanced analytics, and integrated payment processing.
- On Store also offers customer support and guidance to help businesses optimize their online presence and increase sales.

- The target customers for On Store are small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish or improve their online presence.
- These businesses may range from independent sellers to established brands, all seeking a user-friendly platform to showcase and sell their products or services online.
- The app caters to a global audience, with businesses from various industries and regions using the platform to reach customers worldwide.

- On Store leverages key platforms such as Google Play Store and mobile devices to reach and engage with their target audience.
- The app utilizes responsive design and intuitive navigation to provide businesses with a seamless online store setup experience.
- Advanced technology tools like AI-powered product recommendations and automated marketing strategies help businesses drive sales and increase customer engagement.

- On Store has been operating since 2024, establishing a strong presence in the e-commerce template market.
- The app generates revenue through subscription services, with businesses paying a monthly fee for access to premium features and tools.
- With a growing customer base and continued innovation in technology and services, On Store is poised for further financial success in the years to come.

Tools & Technologies

Figma, Firebase, Flutter, Github


Android, E-Commerce, iOS, Mobile

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on

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