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400,000 reviews have been written, and more than 750,000 ratings have been made on this platform.

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Listing Details

Business Overview

- International reviews platform in the form of a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

- The platform contains all the companies in the world (more than 365,000 from 193 countries), about which more than 400,000 reviews have been written and more than 750,000 ratings have been made, as well as ratings of companies in their categories.

- Have more than 1,000 users at the moment.

- The mobile platform has 4 monetization systems for earning (premium accounts, built-in ad units, posting vacancies, and posting promotional codes).

- All processes are fully automated, including user usage, payments and those that do not require technical support.

- It is designed for 1 billion users and at the same time, each process is fully automated and does not require participation.

- Business is debt free and has a single owner.

- The development team managed to fit a huge number of options for the user to interact with companies.

- Structurally, the platform is divided into 3 blocks that cover certain user requests: Reviews - vacancies – discounts.

- Key differences from competitors:

* Mobile format - the ability to download the application to the device and have constant access to it without using browsers to search for review sites.

* Association - the ability to leave a review for both the client of the company and its employee, for which there are different tabs for reviews in the company profile.

* Full coverage - the ability to interact not only with companies that have offline branches or stores (as in Google Maps) but also with any other, including online stores.

* Ratings - the ability to compare all companies in a certain category, identifying the best and worst based on user ratings.

* Information - the ability to view, in addition to reviews, all information about companies (websites, categories, contact information)

* Multi-language - the ability to choose any suitable language in the menu, regardless of the country of residence.

* Crossplatformity - the ability to use the application on any device (smartphone or tablet), on any operating system (iOS or Android), any manufacturer Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and all the rest.

* Global - the ability to switch to other countries and view regional companies, their reviews and ratings. An extremely convenient feature when travelling, doing international business or emigration.

* Individuality - the ability to add your list of companies to favourites and track reviews and comments in real-time.

* Retention - the ability to attract a user to download once and then constantly hold him, interact with him and inform him with push notifications.

- It is important to note that for a new buyer, if necessary, a development team will be available (a project manager and a flutter developer with hourly pay), for improvements.

Products & Services Overview

Listing mobile platform for companies where people can check reviews, ratings, and vacancies.

Assets Overview

- Cross-platform mobile application operating in 193 countries, in 65 languages, with about a thousand users.

- Two corporate websites, 420,000 companies database, 800,000 reviews and scores database, advertising videos, marketing materials, advertising banners, domains, hosting, paid accounts in markets, trademark registration certificates, email accounts, and analytics, website and mobile application content, including translations, all accesses, and keys.

- Fully working mobile platform ready to run.

- Hardware and servers.

Facilities Overview

We are operating remotely at the moment and do not have office space.

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Android, Business, Fintech, iOS, Mobile, Utilities

Reason for Selling

I don't currently have enough money to keep it going

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  • Includes website
  • Includes domain
  • Includes source code
  • Includes design source files
  • Includes marketing assets
  • Includes hosting accounts
  • Includes social media accounts

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