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This is a Wordpress-based ‘Top 10’ lists site with more than 30 original articles, well indexed by Google - according to Semrush, the site has more than 30 search results on the first page (see screenshot). 

I took over the site a few years ago and have failed to find time to develop it, and traffic has fallen off as a result, but it would be easy to publish new content and give this life again. It lost traffic for a few months because I failed to notice the SSL certificate had expired but traffic has picked up again as the stats show. The site has made money in the past through ad arbitrage and then just with ad placements. It is now only  making a few dollars a month again because of that SSL error, and I don't have time to pursue optimising the ads. Semrush says the site has more than 2,100 backlinks from other sites.

Traffic figures show average from last three whole months. In May there have already been 6320 visits.



How can the buyer take this project further?

It would be easy to add new content to this - there is evergreen interest in ‘top 10’ articles of general interest - and thus drive more eyeballs to advertising. Other ideas could include creating ebooks from the content and selling guest post space - there have often been enquiries from people either wanting to write for it or buy backlinks from it.

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Blogging, Content, Educational, Entertainment

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I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on


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