Re-live the best episodes of your favourite TV shows.

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EpisodePod helps you to re-live the best episodes of your favorite TV shows. Do you remember that show that used to bring you so many good laughs all those years ago? Skip the boring episodes and watch the best episodes again to relive those moments!

This project imports TV shows and creates ranking pages to list the best episodes from the series. It has a functioning import system to import TV series from The Movie DB with just an ID. Importing then automatically takes place periodically, including importing the TV Series information, episodes, images and translations and episode ranking pages with information about the TV show and best episodes are automatically created.

Technology Stack

This project is built with Drupal 8 (PHP), the codebase follows Drupal code standards and uses linting tools to enforce them. This website was built entirely from scratch using Drupal, including the website theme which I coded myself.

Landing pages can be created with Layout Builder which provides a drag and drop style interface for managing the page layout and content, and has an interface for creating inline-content such as rich text blocks. There are also quite a few custom admin views to make managing the TV series and episodes easier.


I am happy to answer any questions and provide more info about anything, please just ask!

How can the buyer take this project further?

This project needs some SEO work to increase the amount of traffic going to the website. The website is coded well and could easily be extended to add new functionality if needed, but I think the main thing required now is more visitors to the site so that affiliate links and potentially ads could be added to the website.

Tools & Technologies

Drupal, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

Skills Required

Programming, SEO


Entertainment, SEO

Reason for Selling

I have other projects or businesses I would like to focus on


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