No-code Marketplace: Find Local Artisan/Artists in Colorado

Find artists, artisans, products and events in Colorado. Easily expand to other regions.

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This is a no-code niche marketplace listing app with boutique functionality built on  It is centered on the local artisan/artist and maker market scene.  Vendors can create a ‘virtual booth' page, search for local maker market events, and RSVP.  Market organizers can list their markets on the site for a fee, and display the vendors that are setting up booths.  Vendors also add up to 4 products, but there is not shopping cart function - instead, users are redirected to whatever platform the vendor chooses for them to make a purchase. It's a wonderful way to connect the industry outside of what I call “legacy social media platforms" that are full of noise.  Currently, the site is specific to Colorado, but the domain name does not imply a constraint to this.  It could be moved to any state, or scaled nationwide. 

I have had a decent amount of success getting vendors to sign up by simply reaching out on instagram and inviting them.  I have had very positive response by posting on Colorado Vendor facebook groups. There are currently 6 active vendors that I offered ‘free forever’ deals to get on board early. 

Some social media is automated by the web app.  Anytime a vendor signs up, an event is posted, or a vendor adds a product, the app automatically generates a social post that the admin only needs to schedule a date and time for.  They are posted through the Ayrshare integration.  In addition, there is a weekly newsletter that is currently in work that pulls data from the website (think: this weekend's events, featured vendors, etc.) to be automatically included via the Sendgrid API integration.  Monthly vendor subscriptions and one-time-charge event listings are handled over Stripe.

Please feel free to reach out and I can elaborate on any part of the system.  In addition, I would be interested in sticking around to help build out app features or consult in general but I do not have the time required for serious marketing and business building. 

Potential for monetization is huge, with the right marketing.  Ideas are:

  • - Vendor Resources: a page with affiliate links to tools and things the local vendors use (I have some identified, like shopify for example)
  • - Upcharges for ad hoc advertising for events and vendors: front page, further email features, etc
  • - Etsy affiliate: append your etsy affiliate link to all vendor links that go to etsy.
  • - tangentially relevant ad spots in newsletter (local restaurants, business lawyers, web developers, etc)


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