Browser Extension to Join Meetings in 1-Click

A browser plugin that speed-dials into remote meetings.

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Zoomies is a browser plugin that speed-dials into remote meetings. It connects with work and personal calendars and allows you to join meetings from one-place with one-click. It is the missing link between calendars and video-conferencing platforms. It frees you from the chaos of tracking meeting invitations on emails and managing multiple calendars.

´╗┐You can view your schedule for the current week, create new meetings in your schedule, view details of a particular meeting, and of course join any meeting with a single click - all this within a 400 x 600px white box. The product has an extremely informal design that catches the eye.

It supports Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Hangouts, WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting, AWS Chime, and Jio Meet. Zoomies is also great for enabling portability across various video-conferencing platforms. It was launched in the first week of August 2020.

How can the buyer take this project further?

  1. White-label the product and connect with schools and businesses with a large number of users that are dependent on remote communication.
  2. If you are a leading podcaster interviewing remotely, Zoomies can offer added value to your client experience.
  3. Use your network and integrate Zoomies with company-specific APIs - Eg. A speed-dial to active customer tickets, etc.
  4. I have created a template to pitch this with called Zoomies for Business Create feature-based pricing models - e.g. one can connect more than 2 accounts with Zoomies only if one is a premium user.

Tools & Technologies

Javascript, Node.js

Skills Required

Marketing, Programming, Strategy


Business, Education, Podcasting, Utilities

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